For several weeks, we’ve been learning to make the perfect selection. What happens when you finally have the selection you want and need to quit or shut-down the computer? You certainly don’t want to re-do all that work!

Use the Save Selection command to save as an alpha channel visible an your Channels palette. It’s important to realize that you are not saving the marching ants outline. Photoshop saves it as an alpha channel that controls where the image effect takes place.

Open the Save Selection dialog box, name the new channel and click OK. A new channel is added to your Channels palette. Notice you don’t deselect the selection when you save it.

Another option for saving your selection is to go to your Channels palette and click the Save Selection as Channel button.

To load a selection, there are also two options. First, you can choose Select, Load Selection and selecting the name of the desired channel. The second option is to go to the Channels palette. Click and drag the desired channel to the Load Channel as Selection button or Ctrl-click (Cmd-click) on the alpha channel to turn it into a selection.