betsy4mos.jpg betsy4moscorrected.jpg

Using Curves for color correction as I described it still took some guesswork. Exactly where is the darkest or lightest area? Do I just keep clicking until I find what works? Well, I’m sure you know, I found another way Photoshop takes away the guesswork. It’s called Threshold. This photo is 25 yrs. old and the color is pretty bad. I know the baby’s dress was pale green and Mom’s blouse a pale pink. Where do I find white?

At the bottom of the Layer palette is a circle half black and half white. This is the icon for “new fill or adjustment layer.” Click the circle and choose Threshold. Your photo will change and a dialog box will come up to look something like this.


Push the slider all the way to the left. Your picture will turn completely white. As you gradually slide to the right, the first area to show up will be your darkest part of the photo. Make a mental note of this area. Now do the reverse. Pushing the slider all the way to the right will turn your photo completely black. The first areas to show up are your lightest. For my photo here, it turned out to be the flash reflection an the top of baby’s shoulder.

Cancel Threshold and open a new curves layer. You can now find your black and white points with total confidence!