Last week’s correction wasn’t bad, but it was still too pink. I hadn’t used the middle eyedropper. Neutral gray can be the hardest part of the photo to identify, yet it has the largest affect on color cast. Is there a trick to help find it? Yes! It is a variation on using threshold.

Open your photo and create a new layer. Go to the edit menu and choose fill. From the dialog box, choose 50% Gray. Now change the blend mode to Difference. Create a new adjustment layer and choose Threshold. Drag the slider left until the photo turns white. This time, the first areas to appear will be your midtones. The adjustment layers can now be dragged to the trashcan. Open your curves adjustment layer and use the center eyedropper on the area indicated.

This works most of the time, but some photos just don’t have a neutral color. Then it’s back to guesswork.