Byron did a neat thing with one of his re-enactment photos that I just had to learn. I think it’s a great technique for photos I want for my scrapbooking. Technically, vignetting means that the corners or outside of the photo are darkened. I also like when the outside fades to white. Here’s how it can be done. I’ll use the same photo I’ve been working on the last two weeks.


This effect takes a few more steps, but can really enhance the proper picture. It begins, like the duotones, with a new layer filled with a solid color. This can be either black or white. (Try both to see which suits the photo better.) Then choose the rectangular marquee. Center the rectangle over your center of interest. In this case, the baby’s face was above the center of the picture, so the marquee was moved up.

Go to the Select menu and choose feather. The higher the number, the more oval the marquee will become. Now you still see only the solid colored layer with your selection. Hit backspace (delete on the Mac) to reveal the photo. Press Control-D to deselect. If the edges appear too dark, play with the opacity setting to get a shade you prefer.