betsyvignetteblurt.jpg betsyblurblackt.jpg betsyblurwhitet.jpg

Do you like the idea of the vignette but want more defined edges?

With Photoshop, there are always many ways to do the same thing. For vignettes with more definite edges, here is another approach.

I began with an elliptical marquee selection around the baby’s face. The elliptical marquee is hidden behind the rectangular marquee tool. For best results, begin in one corner and draw a diagonal across the picture.

Then go to Select, Inverse (Shift-Ctrl-I). This chooses the outer part of the photograph.

In the first example, I used the Gaussian blur filter. Go to Filter, Blur, Gaussian Blur. Use the preview and slider to get the effect you want. -In this case, I used a radius of 21px.

In the second, I filled the outer edges with black and blurred again. In the third, I filled it with white before blurring.

Since I didn’t use layers, I was careful to save each version with a separate file name leaving my original intact.