The rectangular and elliptical marquees are good for basic geometric shapes. But how do you turn a rectangle into a square or an oval into a circle?

For this article, I scanned my nephew’s new CD and CD cover.

epiccd.jpg epiccover.jpg

Working on the CD cover, I chose the rectangular marquee. By holding the shift key and drawing a diagonal line beginning in one corner, I got a perfectly square selection.


Oops! CD covers aren’t square! I have two choices. I can deselect and try again, or I can work with what I have. Go to Select, Transform Selection. This adds handles to your square that allow you to adjust the size. When you’re finished, hit enter or return.

The CD itself was turned when scanned. I used the measure tool to rotate it. For the circle, instead of drawing a diagonal, I wanted to begin in the center. Holding the shift key will produce the circle, holding the alt (option) key allows you to begin in the center. I held Shift + Alt (Shift + Option), positioned my mouse in the center of the circle and drew a straight line from the center outwards.

epiccd.jpg epicstraight.jpg epiccdselect.jpg

If you go too far, like I did, try again or use Transform Selection.